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BA7C Windscreen Sticker


windscreen sticker

Why not have one sticker for each of your cars – whether old or new? A great way to promote Austin 7s and BA7C at the same time!

One windscreen sticker is given to all new Club members.

Graphic - overall diameter - 64m

£1.00 plus £1.00 p&p or send stamped addressed envelope




BA7C Radiator Badge


radiator badge

Our unique club logo on your radiator! With many thanks to Grahame Riley for hand painting the new supplies of the club radiator badge and Ron Hayhurst for providing some instruction notes on the most effective way to attach them to a radiator.

Overall height - 75mm

Please download the instructions for attaching the badge - here

£15.00 (including post and packing)


DISCOVERED ! - 75th Anniversary of the Austin Seven



Supplies of this print have recently come to light! The original painting, by Peter Gregory, was commissioned by the National Association of A7 Clubs in 1996 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the A7. It shows 5 different models lined up outside Lickey Grange, with Herbert Austin centre stage. The caption concludes with the note ‘Public introduction at Claridges, London on 21st July 1922’.

£1.00 plus p&p (£4.00 rolled in a tube; £1.00 folded twice in envelope)


BA7C Promotional Flyer


Club promotional flyer

Should you be attending any event where it could be relevant to promote the BA7C, we now have a new flier for just this purpose.

Committee members have already been taking them to race meetings, Rotary old car events, local fetes, etc.. You can also help promote the Club in this way.

Supplies are available from June Price