Bristol Austin 7 Club - AGM - 2022


Saturday 26 February - 2022

The AGM was held at Orchardleigh Golf Club, Frome BA11 2PH

Dale Johnson was our guest speaker to round off the day, with an early finish so that we could get home in the light!

Dale gave an illustrated talk on the Real Home Guard.

AGM 2021

The AGM is when our committee reports on the past year’s activities, good and bad. It is also when the members, have the opportunity to nominate and vote for members on the committee, either as a specific post holder, or as a general committee member. Members of the committee are required by the Club’s Articles of Association to offer themselves for re-election each year.

All committee posts are open to all members and nominations for 2022 will be welcomed. Nominations for Committee Members with no specific role are very important for keeping a balance on the committee and ensuring democratic decision making, supporting office holders, and inputting their experience and knowledge and such a role would particularly suit new members and give an idea of how the committee works.

Since lockdown, Committee meetings have been held using Zoom. This has been an effective way of keeping things running when face to face meetings have been so limited by Covid restrictions. Email is the main method of communication between committee members.

The AGM for 2021 was held on Saturday 27 February 2021

It was held successfully online via Zoom.

Following the AGM business, Hugh Barnes presented a most stimulating talk about the ever evolving “Online Archive” that is hosted by The Austin 7 Clubs Association (A7CA).

A World Class collection.

The collection is available to view online - here

AGM 2021