Tyres, fitting new tyres

- by Tony Godfrey

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Monty gets new shoes

I recently decided to fit two new tyres to Monty as the old ones were very poor. I ordered 2 x 3.50 x 19”. From Blockley tyres, they were delivered to me within 2 days.. (brilliant service and very fair price)

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• I know most A7 owners will be experts at changing tyres but here was my procedure…. Deflate tyre/tube completely.

• Separate tyre bead from rim by stepping on side wall.

• Use large tyre levers and lift tyre from VALVE SIDE OF RIM, work your way around rim until this side is fully off.

• Push valve out and remove tube.

• Lever tyre off remaining rim.

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• Clean wheel, smear with soap or hand gel then fit first side of tyre bead.

• Check inner tube for leaks using a bowl of water.

• Insert deflated tube with valve properly located in rim.

• INFLATE TUBE SLIGHTLY ( this will avoid “nipping” when easing on final tyre bead) Lubricate tyre bead with soap or hand gel.

• Start easing on last side tyre bead OPPOSITE SIDE TO VALVE FIRST, being VERY careful to avoid “nipping” inner tube.

• The last bit will be very tight so make sure the opposite side to valve bead is pressed well down (with knee) into centre of wheel rim.

• Damage to paint on wheel rim may occur so keep your paint handy.

• It took me about 2 hours of “pottering” to fit the 2 tyres.

• I inflated tyres to 35psi to make sure all was lined up around rim then reset to correct pressures.

• All done and ready for the road. I used this exact procedure for repairing and fitting tyres to my series 2 Land Rover which was MUCH more difficult.

• After a short road run I was amazed how much better Monty felt and performed.

Happy motoring guys and girls.


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