Tools - rear spring pin removal tool

- by Ian Moorcraft

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Parts list to make :

Steel tube 1 1/4” od X 1 1/16” id four inches long, 3/8” BSF threaded rod two and three quarters long with a screwdriver slot cut in one end, a piece of 5/8” rod for the boss one inch long threaded through 3/8” BSF, a dished washer from an Austin 7 rear shock absorber and a 3/8” BSF nut, mine is a ‘steel’ Austin wheel nut rather than the normal brass ones probably off a very late car.

I used a 3/8” BSF Die and a 3/8” BSF tap to make the threaded boss and rod, turning by hand, if you have a contact with a lathe it will save a lot of work.

If you have a really stubborn spring pin that’s been in place since new, you may need to remove the hub for access and punch out the pin, possibly even applying some local heat, luckily I have never needed to do that.


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Download this article here