Tools - camshaft centre bearing ring remover/refitting tool

- by Ian Moorcraft

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People seem to shy away from removing the outer bearing ring for some reason, more often than not just replacing the rollers.

Material is 1”x 3/16”x 8” long with another 1 1/2” same material welded across the end. Access is through the front camshaft bearing hole.

If you make the end a really nice fit at the widest point of the ring you won’t have any trouble with the ring skewing as you tap it out, and the new one in.

I always locally heat the part of the casting that holds the ring, only warm enough to still be able to just touch, only gentle taps have been needed with a small hammer.

I have always been surprised how easy they come out, have probably done at least a dozen with this tool.


image 1


image 1


Download this article here