Nuts and Bolts - sump - awkward nuts

- Ron Hayhurst

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Sump Bolts

How often have you fiddled around under your Seven removing or tightening the sump bolts? Replacing those bolts with socket headed Allen screws provides a neat and simple solution. Tightening with a suitable Allen key is OK but the type fitted to a simple ‘T’ bar are so much easier to use. This could be 6" to 8" long with a 4" long tee piece as the handle.

Allen screws are made of good quality steel and are available from most engineering stockists. You may be able to buy a ‘T’ handled Allen key but if not it isn’t difficult to make one from 3/8" mild steel bar 6" to 8" long plus handle, 4" long, welded or brazed to the end of the shaft. The other end of the shaft is drilled 1/2" to 3/4" deep of suitable diameter to enable the straight portion of the Allen key to be inserted tightly. It is then brazed in place.

There are other awkward places on the Seven that would benefit from fitting Allen screws if you can get the right size. The ‘Originalists’ will hold up their hands in horror but if it doesn’t show, doesn’t fall apart, and makes a job simpler, why worry ?

(With thanks to the Solent Club in April 1988 and previously posted in the BA7C newsletter of June 1988 and November 2006)


Awkward Nuts !

If you cannot reach in to see where the nut should go when starting to thread it to its bolt, or maybe cannot get your fingers into the cramped space, the following may help:- fit the nut into the jaws of an open ended spanner and wrap it in with two or three turns of Sellotape. Cut a neat hole where the bolt will go and offer up the spanner, maybe use drift or drill bit to align, grip the spanner when in position and thread in the bolt.


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