Grease gun and oil applicator - Enots

- by Francis Farr-Cox

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This dual purpose tool (287) with grease applicator (284) was supplied new with our Austin 7 and was I believe a standard part of the toolkit. I have found it very effective but very messy when changing from grease to back axle oil. A while ago I picked up a second grease gun which was complete with oil applicator (284 & 286)) but without the plain end cap and the grease piston (289 & 290). As this was ideal for oil only it would mean the original could be used for grease only. After a while, well quite a while, languishing in the garage I decided to clean it out and use it. One problem that this raises is unscrewing the grease nozzle (288) which is attached through the barrel of the device to a dome shaped part (see 291 & 292) inside at the bottom of the barrel. When the gun is full of grease the dome shaped part is usually held sufficiently to allow the separation of the parts. When everything is clean there isn't an obvious way to hold the dome shaped part within the barrel. I have previously managed to jam in a screwdriver or similar to do the job. My wife Tricia suggested holding it with a tube of some sort and to my delight I found that standard car heater hose is perfect. It fits tightly over the offending part (293) allowing it to be held in the correct position and firmly enough to allow tightening with a spanner (295).

I believe ENOTS products were made by Benton and Stone of Birmingham, ENOTS being STONE backwards.

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