Fan belt - pulley removal

- by Ed Loader

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Firstly, why is this pulley so tight and hard to remove ? It's because the alloy pulley and the camshaft are fitted together by the use of male and female tapers; this method predates the industrial revolution and when fitted together and secured with the minimum of force, results in a very hard to break bond.

Removal method :-

1. Tape a sheet of stiff cardboard to the area of the radiator core in front of the fan assembly. This is to prevent accidental damage.

2. Remove securing nut and locking washer, replace nut minus the washer; do not tighten nut; leave a space between nut and pulley.

3. Do not attempt to punch off the pulley or use an extractor device. This will only result in a damaged pulley.

4. Obtain a punch of softer material than the pulley ie: very hard wood, aluminium or hard nylon.

5. By using this punch, tap one of the pulley spokes near the outer rim; tap in a downwards direction. After a few hard blows the pulley should move off the camshaft taper. It's important that the punch blows are directed downwards not horizontally. The loosely fitted nut will prevent the pulley flying off and damaging the radiator core.

6. On very extreme conditions where the securing nut has been over tightened, the use of gentle heat ie: from a heat gun is permissible. Direct the heat to the pulley area and the difference in coefficient of expansion of dissimilar metals will release the taper.


Download this article here