Bosch Distributor – an alternative Tip

- by Neville Knight

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Further to Ron Hayhurst’s Cautionary Tale, it occurred to me that I should check for wear on the spacer that I had fitted to my Bosch distributor.

The memory dims of course and it wasn’t until I had removed the plate to enable me to view the innards that I recall using, not a spade terminal to act as a spacer, but the brass insert from an electrical terminal block (chocolate block connector).

image 1

Having removed the two screws which clamp the wires and also make the insert captive the brass insert was easily removed from the block and then pushed on to the stop peg in the distributor. The insert has the advantage of having a flat face against which the moving advance arm can stop.

Inspection showed that there was no wear to the spacer and all appeared to be in order.


Download this article here