Clutch repair - aid

- by Terry Griffin

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This is a modification to the clutch to make assembly and dismantling of the clutch cover/ pressure plate much easier and fitting the mousetrap springs stress free. The objective is to hold the cover/pressure plate assembly together whilst dismantling the clutch without straining the mousetrap springs on a 4 speed clutch or springs flying apart on a 3 speed. You can carry out this modification when relining the clutch or any time you have access to the clutch.

image 1

Pressure plate

When the clutch cover and pressure plate are dismantled, drill three equidistant holes 5.5mm diameter in the clutch pressure plate, then place the pressure plate onto the cover plate and mark these hole centres on the inside of the cover plate. Drill three pilot holes through the clutch cover. Tap the 5.5mm holes 1/4 BSF, drill out the pilot holes in the cover plate to 9mm. These are clearance holes for the three spring compression bolts we are about to make.

Take three 5/16 x 2” BSF set bolts, reduce the ends to ¼” diameter for 3/8 of an inch and thread 1/4 BSF. This gives you a shoulder to lock the bolts into the pressure plate. Fit a 5/16 BSF nut and plain washer to the bolt and run the nut up to the bolt head – the washer needs to be fairly thick so that it does not distort.

image 2

Clutch bolt

To assemble pressure plate and cover, place pressure plate flat on the bench, fit clutch springs in the plate, stand clutch levers vertical and drop cover over levers onto springs. Check all springs are properly located. Fit your three compression bolts through the cover and screw into pressure plate tight. Screw down the three nuts evenly to compress the springs- tighten down until fully compressed. This drops the levers and makes it easier to fit the mousetrap springs. The whole assembly can now be fitted to the flywheel. Once bolted up the compression nuts can be released gradually and the clutch plate centred. Do not forget to remove the bolts.

image 3

Cover assembly


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