Brake lining rivet tool v2

- by Ian Moorcraft

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In a previous article I showed a brake lining rivet squeezing tool that I had been experimenting with.

I here show a tool I have since produced. A v2 model that is easier to use and produces perfect rivets every time, 16 out of 16 on my new set of linings for the front axle of my Chummy.

This one supports itself in the vice (4” jaw) with the additional plates added. The anvil arm is now fixed with an extra bolt, the swaging arm is set parallel at 1/2” when in the 'fully' squeezed position.

Brake linings have been bonded with 'Evo-Stik Impact' prior to riveting.

With my home made punches I was lucky if a quarter of the rivets were perfect, usual defect was splits or skewing of the rivets.

image 1

Perfect rivets and new end plates yet to be drilled and screwed.


image 2


image 3


image 4


image 5

New end plates made on a jig I made for my Fabric in 1971!


Download this article here