Technical - index to articles


The majority of these tips have appeared in club newsletters over the years. Please note that you use them at your own risk as neither the Bristol Austin 7 Club nor the authors can be responsible for the results of trying to follow the instructions given.

The list of articles, below, will be added to over time, as we extract them from our newsletters.

Index :

axles - rear - leaking
body repair - rivets and splits
brake shoes - change without removing hubs
brake springs - fitting for Girling brake shoes
brakes - testing - Tapley meter
carburettor - Zenith 24T2
choke, air strangler
Club Badge - attaching
clutch - oily lining
clutch repair - aid
clutches - some thoughts
compression ratios
crankcase - cure for broken foot
distributor - Bosch - fitting How and Why
distributor - Bosch - an alternative Tip
door problems - solutions
dynamos - converting to 12volts
dynamo housings
dynamo housings - further
dynamo housings - further and the little tin cover
electric switches
engine - bottom pulley - removal
engine - rear main bearing outer race
engine - sump - fitting a magnet
engine - three bearing - oil feed
engine - when it stops
fuel - ethanol
gaskets - making silicone rubber gaskets
gearbox springs
grease gun and oil applicator - Enots
hubs - rear
hubs - rear - holder
ignition timing - setting
ignition timing and Bosch distributor
ignition timing and Bosch distributor - further
kingpin alignment - a method for checking
kingpin thrust washers - surface grinding
LED on rear lights
maintenance - checking over nuts
nose cone repair
nuts and bolts - seized, rusted or stuck
oil leaks
petrol tap - how to fix a stiff tap
rotor arms - Bosch
scrap items
screw threads
shock absorbers - rear
spare wheel - mounting modification for Chummy
speedometer - Lucas "Magmo"
spring pin - removal
springs - maintenance and care
starter motors 1929 – 32
starter motor switch - Lucas S2
starter motor inspection and cleaning
steering arm - front axle
steering - drag link refurbishment
steering - drag link removal and refitting caps
temperature gauge - fitting to an Austin Seven
tool kit - Austin 7
towing - an idea
valve chest cover and fumes - 1928-Chummy
water branch repair